About me

About me

Peculiar PPL (PPPL) Clothing is a unisex clothing company here in Nashville,TN whose foundation includes  faith, community, entrepreneurship and a distinctive approach to fashion. Officially started in 2014 by Nashville native Tamasa Holden, the company has made a mark on the city of Nashville with its infamous "Logo Tee". Holden says, this logo and founding bible verse of the company located in 1 Peter 2:9, all serve as reminders of who God has destined us to be!

Every post and email is often marked with a discreet but meaningful version of the founding bible verse which reads: "You are a royal priesthood, a chose generation, a peculiar people called out of darkness into Gods marvelous light."

In the near future you can expect to see more from PPPL Clothing including jackets, tanks, and a variety of colors in the PPPL Logo Tee. Also be on the look out as the company's owner continues to grow in the clothing industry as well launch new projects in styling, fashion design, entrepreneur development, and much more.

In closing Tamasa Holden says, "I know that a part of my destiny is to remind people of who God is and who He has made us to be, by making a faith driven impact in the area of fashion. It is also imperative that I help people to understand we all have a purpose to fulfill and we should make it our priority to do so." 

 PPPL Clothing will continue  to remain true to its values while making its own unique stamp in the global market of clothing!